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Vida Divina offers those individuals the opportunity to build long-term generational wealth, fully supported by industry leading professionals and an easy to use and understand compensation program designed to help franchise owners grow wealth.

By offering healthy and innovative products, manufactured in our own facility, formulated by our own technicians and nutritionists, the Vida Divina affiliate has the unique opportunity to help others improve the lives of their customers while improving and building a better life for themselves.

If you share our passion for helping others and a desire for a better life for yourself then you can work with us.

But Living Wealthy starts here as well! We offer the opportunity to earn unlimited income with a compensation program designed by those who realize that the true measure of a company’s success is measured by wealth achieved by the many, not the few. A simple easy to understand and easy to achieve Fast Track wealth building plan that works, and more importantly works fast! High goals and strong incentives is what builds long-term generational wealth, but the ability to earn quickly builds confidence and ignite the passion within us to go the extra mile and stay committed and on-track.

Join Vida Divina and distribute 100% Certified Natural and Organic products. All products are FDA approved. We do not make medical claims but our products are backed by Science.


Why Should You Become A Vida Divina Independent Affiliate?

Health care is a multi billion dollar industry and the popularity of health related products is on the rise every day. Vida Divina is not only a line of amazing health care products but also your opportunity to become a Vida Divina distributor and finally secure your financial independence. By becoming a Vida Divina representative or a Vida Divina distributor you will be able to tap into this huge market very cost effectively. Giving healthy options for your family, friends and customers while at the same time, building lucrative business partnerships.

Vida Divina has their own manufacturing plant. This means they have the best ingredients and the best price point making more money available in the compensation plan! And the compensation plan is cutting edge! Vida Divina’s compensation plan is going to produce more $5,000 – $10,000/month earners than this industry has ever seen.


The Compensation Plan was created by the person that created the #1 Compensation Plan in the Industry of Network Marketing! That compensation plan created MILLIONAIRES and this one is even BETTER!


Affiliates earn 100% of the product value in the Binary. Products are priced at $40 and the points earn are 40 Points!

All products are $40! This means you can load up on products for a set price and the suggested retail price is a 50% Markup! (Sell for $60 hand to hand!) We have 165 products to choose from spanning several industries! (Health and Wellness Supplements, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Energy, Hot Beverages, and more!)


No AUTOSHIP!! Your “Monthly Obligation” is to motivate you to sell products! So, when you have three customers purchase (1) product each then your “Monthly Obligation” disappears! OR if you make a purchase of 3 products from yourself monthly, then you are ACTIVE!! 120 Points monthly keeps you Active.


Your personal orders receive 100 % of the VOLUME POINTS into the PAY LEG of your Binary!


The Progressive Binary Plan pays out at a base of 5% and you have an opportunity to increase it by activity! If you have customers that place their orders on your site in the first week of the month, you earn an additional 5% payout in the binary! The second week earns and additional 3%, third week, and additional 1% and the final week, you receive your base of 5%!


4 LEVELS OF ENTRY! Each pack is CUSTOMIZED by YOUR product selection and Merchandise can be included!


STAR COINS! Star Coins are “coins” you can earn and accumulate that can be redeemed for products, event tickets, trips and more!


Lifestyle Bonus can be used for two trips per year! These trips can be you and family, or even you and a prospect!


When you reach a certain level you are rewarded with a monthly MORTGAGE PAGE of $1000-$3000 depending on your rank!!


CHECK MATCH ON 7 LEVELS! We receive CHECK MATCH of 50% on all your personally sponsored partners! Then you earn .025 to 10% on seven levels of that partners organization!

 Here are some highlights from the compensation plan

  • 50%-70% progressive fast start bonus
  • 7 generation progressive check match
  • 20% presenter bonus
  • Customer 50% markup bonus
  • 100% points to binary
  • All products are $40=40 points
  • Progressive binary 5%-10% to 25%
  • Progressive home mortgage bonus
  • Progressive star points
  • Rank advancement awards
  • Volume does not reset if you are not binary qualified
  • And much, much more!….



Vida Divina is opened in the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, Aruba, Australia, Bolivia, Curacao, Kenya, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobagi, Uruguay, Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

Did you know you can get started with Vida Divina for just $120? Yes Only $120.00. This gets you 18 ONE WEEK Sachets of TeDivina Detox Tea! (Whats tedivina detox tea?) Best globally selling Detox Tea. This tea will get you in the best shape of your life.(This is a HUGELY SOUGHT AFTER PRODUCT!) You can use the tea for your self or sell to family, friends, stores, kiosks, salons, spas, the list goes on and on with al the place you can sell Te divina Detox and quadruple your initial investment. For example: 18 packs of tea in your first start up cost you 120.00, You sell each package at $20.00 each 18 packs x $20.00 = 360.00 Profit. 

And there’s more….

How about sharing the opportunity with a few friends and recruiting?  You make 50% commission on whatever starter pack they select! ($120, $300, $600 or $1200 Packs!) What if you can QUADRUPLE your invest in your first month? What if you can lose 5-10 KG in the next 30 days? Wouldn’t that be amazing?


If you are in located in any of the countries above you can get started TODAY! DON’T FORGET IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME 




Join Our Team! Don’t Let This Opportunity To Join Pass You By!



**Independent Affiliates – Affiliates are individuals who have elected to establish a business as an Independent distributor of Vida Divina products and who purchase them at wholesale cost, with an intent to resell them at retail cost, to Customers. Independent Affiliates also actively enroll other Affiliates and/or Preferred Customers and participate in Vida Divina Compensation Plan activities, to earn a return on their product investment. To be considered an Active Affiliate within any given month, Affiliates are required to have a monthly minimum of 120 Personal Volume points (Equivalent of 3 Products Purchased), to be eligible for Compensation Plan payment, bonuses and/or commissions, within that current month. Affiliates are able to achieve this Active Affiliate status through their own wholesale product purchases, customer purchases made through their E commerce website, or a combination of both.

The Perks of Purchasing Products as an Independent Affiliate include Wholesale Prices, Generous Compensation Commissions & Bonuses, Rewards, Recognition and the establishment of a great Customer base.**